Lessons Learned for the Phat Cache Rookie Season

Phat Cache Pic.jpg

1. Manage your time wisely. The build season comes quicker than expected and goes by very fast.

2. As part of planning, try to use CAD as much as possible for robot design

3. Dedication. Being committed and showing dedication throughout the season helps the entire team stay motivated

4. Practice driving the robot. Driving practice is as important as the mechanisms on the robot. A good robot with bad driving will be worse than a bad robot with good driving

5. Adapt to the situation. During matches a lot of the time things might not work as planned, and there are always variables that can’t be controlled

6. Plan ahead. Countless mistakes can be avoided with thorough planning.

7. Team spirit. Feeling and looking like a team is just as important as robot performance.

8. Plan for the unexpected. Things may not go how you wanted throughout the season, possibly throwing your planning off. Leave extra time to deal with this.

9. Keep it simple. As a rookie team, do not try to over complicate your first robot design. Household objects can also be used on the robot in place of expensive parts.